Our Story

Lock & Travel is curated by Keira, a 30-something attorney, travel junkie, and dog mom. She launched the Lock & Travel online retail site to connect passionate explorers from all walks of life to the high quality travel gear and accessories they need to make all their journeys more efficient and enjoyable.

 Why Shop Our Brands?

Here at Lock & Travel, the hard work of curating new, innovative and awesome products is done for you! Keira's career requires that she travel domestically several days a week while still allowing her the freedom to travel internationally for leisure several times a year. Her extensive experience allows her to source the best travel gear trending in high demand and bring it directly to YOU.

Our Commitment to You 

Most of us would rather spend our time actually going places than wasting countless hours hunting online for the travel gear we need. We welcome all travelers and we organize the site for you based on a wide range of travel purposes and interests

We manage our brand with travelers in mind. Therefore, we are committed to the following values:

  • BEST value and PRICE (We'd rather see you spend the money you save on trips!)
  • FREE shipping storewide
  • SAFE and SECURE checkout
  • 30 day money back GUARANTEE
  • Tracking INCLUDED on every order
  • Fast and HUMAN response on all order inquiries and general customer feedback